Who are we?


Prepare Produce Provide is the trading name for the not-for profit organisation Live To Tell Your Story Inc established in 2013 by like-minded and passionate home economics teachers in Western Australia with a vision for training and assisting young people to develop career pathways in the education, food and hospitality industries.

Over the last few years the organisation expanded its membership and developed innovative and effective projects that bring together teachers, chefs and other food industry stakeholders to impart skills to young people to prepare and cook nutritious and quality meals benefitting a wide range of social and community causes.

Projects such as 5000meals (preparing meals for the homeless), Smartfish School Education Project (using sustainable seafood) and the Kambarang Food Festival (supporting Indigenous youth leaders) have been successfully run though schools and community locations in Western Australia over the last four years.

Following this period of growing activity and interest in the organisation’s essentially voluntary projects, Prepare Produce Provide has clarified its mission, vision and objectives with the sole aim of delivering effective and quality services to the West Australian community into the future.

Strategic Plan 2021-2025

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Our Vision

“Young People are confident in their abilities and have opportunities to participate fully in their community.”


Our Mission

“Educators, Business and the Community stakeholders through supporting innovative community food projects, enable young people to fully use their talents, improve their health and wellbeing, and, gain pathways to further education, training and employment.”


Our Values

Prepare produce Provide aims to demonstrate and embed in our services, management practices and stakeholder relations, the following values:

  • Respect;

  • Empowerment;

  • Integrity;

  • Collaboration; and;

  • Excellence.