Kartagup Djinda Ngardak


Project Overview

Prepare Produce Provide (PPP), supporting youth futures through food and education projects, developed a project, Kartagup Djinda Ngardak, meaning “Perth comes alive under the stars” in the local Noongar language. The project in its entirety ran over a week culminating with a one-off gala dinner event on the 25th November 2017 in Perth. The Kartagup Djinda Ngardak Gala Dinner was a multi-faceted showcase of Aboriginal Youth talent and leadership in cooking, fashion and music.

Kartagup Djinda Ngardak Project – The Beginning

The Kartagup Djinda Ngardak project was built on the capability and experience that PPP has gained from conducting the successful Youth showcase component of the Kambarang South West Aboriginal Gourmet Experience (Kambarang) in 2015 and 2016. Supported by schools, teachers, Aboriginal community groups, local chefs and businesses, Kambarang in 2016 showcased the talents of students from diverse schools from the metropolitan area, Midwest, Pilbara and Kimberley regions.

In 2016, Kambarang included an exhibition of Noongar art and music from the Merindas, a brilliant trio of Aboriginal singers. The Kambarang program included a cooking intensive camp for the youth, where through a mix of food-skills and social activities, the students were able to learn more skills, get to know each other and be inspired to seek positive future life options in education, training and employment.

The youth chosen for the food event were supported in their local schools in the months leading to the events and brought to Perth to experience a cooking skills camp and get acclimatised to the coming events and location. WA Chefs, Hospitality and food industry organisations coordinated to support the students in the skills development and food preparation for the events. Chef mentors ensured that the events were successful occasions affirming Aboriginal culture and youth leadership.

Selected students from this program will join international partners to participate in Indigenous forums focused on Food, Culture and Humanities for 2018.