Smartfish Program for Schools


The Smartfish program is a collaboration between the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) and Prepare Produce Provide (PPP).


The aims of the program are as follows:


  • Create an opportunity to understand the increasing awareness of undervalued seafood in relation to consumer choices linked to sustainability, budget and cooking preparation techniques.
  • Building knowledge and understanding about seafood and WA’s seafood supply chains.
  • Develop knowledge of the Seafood industry as a career choice and pathway.
  • Promote the knowledge with the use of a range of Indigenous spices. 



  • Full day training from teachers with the opportunity to work and learn with WA chefs – Training Overview of seafood Industry | Smartfish presentation video 2017 | Identification of underutilised WA seafood | Practical session including filleting and selection of recipes using local fresh produce, and a range of native spices | Q and A segment | Overview of tasks | Handouts and Resources - seafood and native spices | Developed recipes featuring a range of underutilised seafood with native spices suitable for the classroom.
  • Developed Tasks for Food Science and VET with appropriate assessment keys. These tasks provide the teachers and students with the opportunity to understand the challenges that affect the quality of food, those working in the food industry, and that consumer choices (poor food labelling, food miles etc) around the selection and use of seafood industry’s impact on the sustainability of WA seafood supplies.
  • School visit - 90-120 minute session.  Features key representatives from the seafood industry and a trained chef. The seafood industry representative will share their journey in the seafood industry and their whole of food chain experience. A chef will provide practical experience for students with the use of a recipe featuring an undervalued seafood species and an indigenous spice.
  • Resources - Range of resources are easily accessed online for teachers ranging from selection, storage and cooking techniques of WA seafood | Smartfish FB site to discuss tasks and recipes.


Smartfish Benefits

  • Full day training support teacher currency requirements outlined by the Teacher professional learning requirements as set out by TRBWA as well as VET currency.
  • Resources are mapped to Food Science and VET curriculum to support delivery in WA schools.
  • Current Resources which are accessible online.
  • Motivating and practical based school presentation available to all schools.
  • Provides innovative opportunities to feature seafood in schools.
  • Promotes Sustainability of local and WA produce.


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