Moses Snapper Ceviche with Avocado & Coriander Salsa on Crispy Wantons


Recipe for 25 people


  • 2.5 kg Moses Snapper
  • 10 avocadoes
  • 400g coriander fresh
  • 100g mint fresh
  • 2 punnets micro lemon thyme
  • 6 limes (add an additional 3 finger limes when in season)
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 3 whole red chillis
  • medium knob of ginger
  • 2 Tbspn high quality salt flakes
  • 2 tspn cracked black pepper
  • 2 tbspn extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 large packet of wantons
  • 10L Frying oil for the wantons


  1. Slice fresh Moses Snapper into 1cm lengths x 5mm thickness (just as a guide, don’t get the ruler out).
  2. Juice the limes and set aside in a bowl.
  3. Finely dice coriander and mint, add to lime juice.
  4. Deseed chillis and finely julienne, add to lime juice.
  5. Grate ginger and garlic, add to lime juice.
  6. Season with a tablespoon of salt and all the pepper.
  7. Dice avocado into small/medium squares and set aside.
  8. Heat frying oil up to 160°C, fry wantons until crisp, set aside to cool and break up into 2 mouthful bite sized pieces.
  9. Add lime juice combination to the sliced fish and mix thoroughly, let sit for 5 - 10 min, until the fish loses its transparency and becomes whiter.
  10. Cut micro lemon thyme if still attached to the roots.
  11. Spoon a snapper mixture roughly ¾ of a dessert spoon onto the wantons, get rid of any excess juices.
  12. Add a teaspoon of diced avocado on top of the fish mixture.
  13. Sprinkle with a few strands of lemon thyme herbs and some diced lime for garnish.