Maggie Dent



Commonly known as Australia’s ‘queen of common-sense’, Maggie Dent is an author, educator, and parenting and resilience specialist.
It was on the Perth Foreshore in South Perth that the Cyril Jackson Hospitality students involved in the 5000 Meals Program, along with media students, had the opportunity to meet and interview Maggie Dent.

Here’s what interviewer Kaisea has to say about the experience;

“It was a very inspirational day where Maggie shared her personal stories of being at school. I found it confronting in other ways as I haven’t heard an adult be so open about their low self-esteem and their suicidal thoughts. I found this resonated with me, as I know many friends who suffer from depression and I think that many teenagers will relate to what she is saying!
What I took away from this experience (with Maggie), is that I hope that many schools and people listen to this message. We can all make a difference, we can find ways to help others which ultimately help our community.  
I think that this interview will highlight the power of what can be done in schools, working together for people who need a helping hand – letting them know that they belong to a community which does care”. 

Kaisea Kneale
Hospitality Student
Cyril Jackson Senior Campus



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