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Youth Ambassador

Faith Atwell

Faith Atwell, former Fitzroy Valley DHS

“My name is Faith Atwell. I am a young Gooniyandy/Wamajarri woman from the Kimberley. I was born in Derby but lived in Perth for 11 years. I went to Rockingham Senior High School for most of my schooling. I went to go live with my mother who I hadn’t seen for a while or even my family from the Kimberley. I moved back to the Kimberley to get to know my family, my culture and who I am, because to me I felt lost to who I am or who I can be. I started at Fitzroy Valley DHS and absolutely loved it. This school and living back in community has made me see more clearly of what can be done to help communities and grow my interests into my passions. I am interested in art, music, cooking and aspire to go to university to study Aboriginal Law and Land Rights.” (Faith Atwell, 2013)