5000meals Program


5000meals is a Western Australian initiative addressing food insecurity in Perth communities, recognized by the United Nations- Global Compact Network (AU) for their sustainable practices, the aim is to create nutritious meals for the homeless using rescued food that might otherwise end up as landfill.

A household is considered to have ‘food insecurity’ if their weekly grocery spend is above 25% of their weekly disposable income, leading to missed meals, malnutrition and the development of mental health issues among many other concerns. 5000meals provides the Perth community with a stop-gap to help ease this burden.

5000meals has provided over 25,000 meals to the Perth community since its inception in 2012.

Firstly, produce is sourced through donations from WA growers and reputable organisations like SecondBite and FoodBank. Depending on the season and what’s available, recipes are created in consultation with local chefs who carry out cooking workshops with participating high schools and their students.

End result = Rescued food becoming delicious meals for people facing homelessness.

The program aims to build links between students and the Hospitality Industry, allowing students to develop relevant industry skills, reduce food wastage and assist people in need within the Perth community.

5000meals encourages all types of collaboration within the community and looks forward to seeing this initiative rolled out as a part of the school curriculum.

Want to get involved?

A donation as small as $2 will provide one meal at our next workshop. You can donate here:

5000meals Saturday Community Cook


5000meals Program in Schools

Apply to be part of the 5000meals Program. For more information contact Nikki, our 5000meals co-ordinator
Email: 5000meals@prepareproduceprovide.org
Mobile: 0402 722 075


The 5000meals Program aims to:5000smveg.jpg

  • Utilise surplus local produce to minimise food wastage in the Food and Hospitality industries.
  • Produce nutritious meals that will assist people in need.
  • Provide students the opportunity to work with chefs and industry specialists.
  • Assist teachers to deliver meaningful and relevant learning experiences.

Program outcomes for students:

  • Contribution to units of competency for VET Students.
  • Hands-on commercial experience.
  • Access to mentorship from chefs.
  • Development of practical skills and knowledge.
  • Community service and engagement.

Program outcomes for teachers:

  • Development of skills and professional networks.
  • Maintenance of industry knowledge.
  • The project assists with assessing several relevant units of competency.
  • Promotion of the school’s Home Economics Department; showcasing student work and achievements within the local community.


5000meals Channel 9 Clips:



5000meals Interview with Maggie Dent:
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